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Free prescription discount card promises to save on drug costs

(Augusta, GA) – You don't need much to qualify for a new prescription discount card. If you live in Georgia, just a name and an email address.

Just print the card and you have it. You can even compare prices of your prescriptions at local pharmacies.

"It's free to all residents. It covers all medications. It discounts as high as 75 percent," says spokesman John Cenezarro.

The average savings is 30 percent. The discount is funded by some pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.

"You're going to pay the lowest price for that prescription medication, whatever the lowest price is for the pharmacy, that's what you're going to pay," he said.

That's for all kinds of prescriptions, including those not covered by insurance. The card is geared toward the uninsured and under-insured.

"Even if you can't find a use for the prescription side on the back of the card, you can find use for all the additional savings that are attached to the program," Cenezarro adds.

That includes smoking cessation drugs, eyeglasses, even teeth whitening, vitamins, and diabetic supplies.

But some pharmacists are skeptical, saying they're already offering drugs at lower prices than you can get with the card. It's not the only card of its kind out there. And as of today, not all pharmacies know about it.

Said Cenezarro: "I think there's 1,400 pharmacies in Georgia. That's a lot of pharmacies for one person to visit."

In 2003, the Government Accountability Office found that savings depends on the pharmacy you go to and the type of card used. That study found savings between 2 and 21 dollars per prescription for people who have Medicare only.

If you want to check pricing per person, per pharmacy, you actually have to fill the prescription.