Georgia Drug Card Testimonials

I can't begin to THANK YOU enough for your help a few months ago. Having no insurance due to mine running out with the military was really stressful when I got sick, especially because it was the week before my marathon. I was so lucky to have met you during my travels. This program helped me get medicine and saved me over 60%! I mean 60%, that's incredible!!!

Sharon D.
Macon, GA

The Georgia Drug Card has made it possible for me to finally stop smoking...without this discounted program, I would never be able to justify spending the retail price for the drug, Chantix, which has helped me quit smoking after 17 years. As a single mother with 2 children, the Georgia Drug Card provides me with the opportunity to take better care of myself and my family, without having to sacrifice our every day needs for our medications.

Tammy J.
Savannah, GA

The best thing about the Georgia Drug Card is that it's free, and saves those who don't have health insurance money on their prescriptions. It is hassle free and accepted at most major pharmacies. The Georgia Rural Health Association is proud to partner with Georgia Drug Card, which should be commended for the great service they are providing our state.

Matt C.
Sandersville, GA

I lost my job last month and my insurance soon after. I have 3 medications that I have to take on a daily basis. I did not know what I was going to do! When I went to pick up my medications the cost was more than $400 without insurance. My doctor gave me a Georgia Drug Card and told me it will save me money. My medications with the Georgia Drug Card cost $82. I am so grateful for this program!

Sam M.
Macon, GA

I have been without insurance for some time now. I could only afford 1 of my 4 medications. I heard about the Georgia Drug Card and asked my doctor about it. He gave me the number of a gentleman who told me that the program was free and anyone can use it! He mailed me cards and now I can afford all of my medications. I have also given some cards to my family and friends. Thank you so much!

Sherrie S.
Savannah, GA

I am married with one son. My husband is disabled and unable to work. My job does not offer insurance. I received this letter about the Georgia Drug Card, and called right away. I was mailed some cards a few days later. I can't thank you enough! This program has saved our family at least $300 a month! Thank you to the Georgia Drug Card staff!

Jean H.
Atlanta, GA